11 Plus Online for Year 4

Guides your child through questions (Suitable for Children Age 8 or 9)

This is the Best Rated 11 Plus Online Year 4 course. This course will cover Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics, Non-Verbal Reasoning and English. This course is suitable for children who are preparing for the 11+ examination. This course covers a number of topics in detail and provide structured guidance on how to do different types of questions. They cover both CEM and GL 11 plus examinations.

This is our flagship 11 Plus Course for Year 4 which engages the child throughout their training. The course is tailored specifically for children aged between 8 and 9 years old and who are currently in school academic year 4. It is packed with features to make learning easy. It consist of fully interactive questions, it shows you how questions should be done, it marks the questions for you and provides you with answers enabling you to learn effectively. This course will show ‘hints’ throughout all the questions to help you remember how to do questions, thereby improving retention. There are 1000’s of 11 Plus questions presented in a structured and informative way. It guides the child through a sequence of challenges to build their up their competence and knowledge. There are 60 minute timed tests every week based on the topics covered, ensuring that your child is also prepared on time management. This course is a must for ‘learn at home’ approach for 11 Plus Exam, or to supplement our courses at our centre.

Why Chose Educational Tutoring Services Online Product?

  • Very easy to use Learning Portal.
  • Access to 1000’s of 11 Plus Questions, Answers and Examples
  • Extensively researched question bank at the correct grade for 11 plus.
  • Instant Marking and Feedback
  • Timed Tests
  • Certificate Rewards
  • Fully Interactive Challenges
  • Drip Feed Lessons and Challenges
  • Learn anywhere and everywhere, fully responsive course works on PC’s, Laptops, tablets and phones.
  • Suitable for CEM & GL 11 Plus Exams
  • OFSTED Registered

Drip Feed Lessons and Challenges

Drip Fed Lessons and Challenges. This provides a clear structure for your child to go through. Ensuring that your child learns concepts and progresses to the next geared challenge in a structured way.

Access to 1000's of questions

Your child will have access to thousands of questions of a similar grade to the actual 11 Plus examination

Auto Marking and Feedback

The challenges are automatically marked and feedback on performance given straight away. Showing the questions your child got wrong, showing the correct answers and how to do the question.

Timed Tests

Each weekly lesson is concluded with a 60 minute 11 Plus timed tests. This ensures that your child has learnt the different types of questions well.


Your child will be rewarded with certificates for successfully completed tests. This will keep your child motivated to improve and do better.

Interactive Challenges

Fully interactive challenges, provides you with ‘Hints’ as you go through to help you remember how to tackle different types of questions.

Over the years we have helped thousands of children secure places at Grammar Schools and have consistently produced high pass rates year after year.

We have over 25 years of 11 Plus coaching experience and have a training process which is refined and robust. Our course covers every part of the 11 Plus components in significant detail. We believe in teaching core concepts and then allowing the children to explore the different permutations using the skills taught, building both their knowledge and confidence.

As a professional and a highly recommended tutoring centre we extensively cover each 11+ component in full, Verbal Reasoning, Non Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. We have proven teaching material which has been used for many years and has provided success year after year which forms the core of our training.