Key Stage 3 – English & Maths

Key Stage English and Maths Booster Classes.

The National Curriculum is divided into four Key Stages. At the end of each Key Stage a formal assessment is made on the child’s progress.

Key stage


School Year

Key Stage 15 to 7Year 1 & 2
Key Stage 27 to 11Year 3, 4, 5 & 6
Key Stage 311 to 14Year 7, 8, 9
Key Stage 4(GCSE)14 to 16Year 10 & 11


  • Use the vocabulary and grammar of Standard English.
  • Formulate, clarify and express their ideas.
  • Listen, understand and respond appropriately to others.
  • Reading accurately, fluently and with understanding.
  • Presentational skills, accurate punctuation, correct spelling and legible handwriting.


  • Try different approaches and find ways of overcoming difficulties that arise when they are solving problems.
  • Show that they understand a general statement by finding particular examples that match it.
  • Develop their own strategies for solving problems and are using these strategies both in working within mathematics and in applying mathematics to practical contexts.
  • Pupils convey mathematical meaning through consistent use of symbols.

Booster Classes

These booster classes run for various levels at Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 and concentrate on the National Curriculum requirements. We focus primarily on Mathematics and English. For each level we select a number of core components that make up the subject grades and teach them using a structured approach supported with examples. Our programme of teaching prepares children for the key stage assessment providing them with real exam type questions to improve grades.