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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialise in 11 Plus Preparation, 11 Plus Mock Exams and have 11 Plus Online Courses. We also teach English and Maths at Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and up to GCSE’s. We teach children from 6 to 16 years old, school academic years 1 to 11. We are an OFSTED Registered.

Your child needs to bring:

  • A4 writing pad
  • Folder
  • Stationery

Collection time is approximately 10 mins before the session ends.

Homework is compulsory, every week we will give your child homework to complete. The homework will take approximately 1-2 hours to do per session. This will vary depending upon the program they follow.

Parental/ Guardian support is crucial if we are to reap the benefits of private tuition. We strongly advise that you should provide support and a framework at home to help your child. Your child will always have formal notes on how a concept is performed and your child will have learnt this in the lesson. However, if they are struggling at home please show them through their difficulties, but avoid giving answers where possible.

Payments can be made in Cash or via Bank transfer. Online payments can be made to:

Account Name: ED Tutoring Services
Bank: Santander
Account No. 41859352
Sort Code. 090126
Please put your child’s full name as reference.

Payments need to be made on the first lesson of the month in advance.

No, we do not accept weekly payments.

Yes, there is small discount per month when you enrol for two lessons or more per week. This may be your child attending more than one session, or you enrolling two or more children with us. Pupils eligible for the discount must be from the same immediate family and the discount is only available when more than one session is in attendance for any given week. Please ask for the prevailing discount rate.

We have been teaching since 1992 and over the years overwhelming experience has shown that a child who has a couple of hours tuition per week can significantly improve their school performance. We start teaching children from the age of 6, year 1 (Subject to assessment results), therefore there is no harm in starting from year 1.

It is best to start 11 Plus tuition for your child when they enter year 3 or at the latest in year 4. The 11+ Preparation is very different to the national curriculum and it is a demanding course. It consists of Maths, Comprehension, Proof reading, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal reasoning. Your child will need to be trained in all these areas and also have sufficient time to undergo examination paper training, speed training and confidence building.

Certainly, it is important that we work as a team to ensure your child’s development, therefore accurate and honest feedback is essential. Depending on the course your child is on, they will also be tested periodically. We will provide regular feedback when you come to collect your child.

Parents need to provide 1 month’s notice to end the tuition.

We are a professional tutorial centre and believe that excellent education should be accessible by everyone. Therefore, our fees are extremely competitive. Our fees start from £110 per month. This is for 4 sessions, each session is 2 hours in duration. If your child attends more than once a week the second session is charged at £96 per month.

You need to enrol your child by the month.

One months notice is required to leave so you are not committed to a long term agreement.

Payments must be made on the first session of the month. Where payments are more than 3 weeks late there will be a late payment charge of £20.

In order for your child to benefit from the classes, their attendance must be regular. However, sometimes, we understand that children cannot attend classes for various reasons, in this situation, upon request, your child may be offered an alternative class to attend to fill in the missed session.

We do not refund cancellations, therefore you need to pay for the lesson. We can, upon request, try to re-arrange the missed lesson for you, please ask us.

If due to unforeseen circumstances we cancel a lesson then we will re-arrange it. Where this is not possible we will provide a full refund.

If we are open then you may rearrange the missed lesson. If we are closed due to the bad weather we will advise you of the date and time of the rescheduled class.

 For more information, please call us or send us a message