About Educational Tutoring Services

Our history and approach to teaching


We are an OFSTED registered company who has been providing tutoring to children since 1992. We were one of the first independent tutoring centres specialising in 11+ Grammar School Preparations. Over the years our teaching methods have been refined and tuned to the demands and changes in the educational system. We have in place one of the most robust and successful teaching processes, which have benefited thousands of our students excel in their academics. It is a great pleasure to see our once students that have established themselves in all walks of life, from engineers, scientist, politicians, doctors and so on.

We are a small dedicated team of professional tutors who have our students’ interest at heart. We develop, monitor, and guide our students so that they can use their full potential to achieve success. Every child is different, but with every child, once their confidence and self-belief is developed, the sky is the limit. We pay particular attention to ensuring that each child who goes through our training programme builds their confidence and determination at the same time as learning concepts.

  • Over 25 years experience with a proven track record.
  • Qualified and experience teachers
  • Course Structures built to teach each concept in the most effective way
  • Continuous examination assessments
  • Excellent Pass Rates
  • OFSTED Registration

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Our methods of tutoring are proven and time tested, we have extensive experience in our core areas of expertise and specialise in only a few subjects, namely 11 plus, English and Maths. This ensures that we can focus our time and effort in providing the best in these subjects.

Over the years we have refined and tuned to the demands and continuously improved our service. Our entire ethos of teaching is driven by ‘Our Values’, we are passionate about what we do and feel a sense of satisfaction seeing our students achieve their dreams and desires.

There is passion, understanding and a desire to work together with parents to achieve the best for their child – some things in life you simply cannot put a price on.

The majority of our students come to us through recommendations of parents. This is the most powerful marketing tool and therefore our centre has flourished over the 25 years. Throughout the years we have achieved outstanding success for our students.


To supplement teaching at our centre you can also book our Online Course. The Online Course is packed with features to have an enhanced learning experience. It consist of fully interactive challenges, it automatically marks the questions and provides you with answers and feedback. This course will show ‘hints’ throughout all the questions to help you remember how to do questions, thereby improving retention. There are 1000’s of questions presented in a structured and informative way. It guides the child through a sequence of challenges to build their up their competence and knowledge. There are 60-minute timed tests every week based on the topics covered, ensuring that your child is also prepared on time management. This course is a must for learn at home approach for 11+exam, or to supplement our courses at our centre.

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Choosing a tutor these days is a challenge in itself. In our years we have seen many tutors spring up all over the place, and being able to distinguish between those that provide value and those that don’t is difficult. For you and your child to be sure that you are making the right choice we offer at no cost or obligation a free assessment. This enables you to meet us, see our centre and for us to evaluate the needs of your child to ensure that we offer you the most suitable course for your child.

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