Advantages of 11 Plus Online Courses

Advantage 11 Plus Online11 Plus Online Courses are becoming the alternative way of learning for many children, and more so due to the COVID-19 challenges facing the society. This article will look at the advantages of 11 Plus Online Courses and how to pick the best ones.

Online 11 Plus Course, can benefit the child substantially in their learning process, but only if the Online Course is in the correct format and package. Unfortunately, the truth is that there are many providers of the 11 Plus Online Tuition that are simply not fit for purpose. If a provider just allows you to download worksheets, with a few videos, then this will not benefit your child longer term. Choosing the right system, which brightens your child’s future is more important than the choosing the cheapest 11 Plus Online Course.

There are some clear advantages of the ‘right’ 11 Plus Online Learning System:


User friendly interaction with the computer is important, the navigation must be simple, the child must be motivated by what they are learning, it should feel like there is someone helping your child with the difficult questions and praising them for their good work. This encourages learning and engagement; it also makes learning fun! This is very important. ETS 11 Plus Online Course is one of the most self-intuitive systems on the market, it is easy to navigate and follows a clear structure and guide your child through the course. This course can be tried for FREE to help you decide. Free Trial Click Here.


The child must be able to learn at a time which suits them and fits in with schooling and their other activities. The 11 Plus Online system must be such that you can login whenever you want, it should also be fully responsive, so you can use your Computer, Laptop, Notebook or even a phone. This allows you to make the most your time and the learning experience. It is also crucial that the 11+ Online Course allows you to carry on from where you may have last stopped.

Help when Required!

This is really important, if a child is finding a particular question difficult there should be some ‘Hints’ and ‘examples’ the child can look at to assist them. This will help them jog their memory, if they have done these types of questions before, or teach them how to do it. The explanation in the examples and hints must be in simple English supported with images where necessary. This allows the child to progress through the questions and enjoy learning. Without a support system, the courses are not useful. ETS 11+ Online Course, provides a personalised ‘Hint’ for every question, it is only shown if the child would like to see it. There are also examples throughout for every question. So help is at hand when it is required!


The online system should encourage and build the child’s confidence, this is achieved by a system that rewards for positive actions, the child should be rewarded for good work. They should also be encouraged to improve their marks in a user-friendly way. The ETS 11 Plus Online System marks the child’s works, congratulates them for every question they have right and shows them how to do the questions they got wrong. In addition, it would provide your child with a Certificate of Excellence as a token of reward for their weekly 60-minute timed tests.

Exam Skills and Time Management

Doing a question under practise conditions and doing one under timed conditions produce two different results. This is a big advantage of the 11 Plus Online systems that provides timed test to the child, it allows them to work against a timer and helps the child to understand the importance of speed and accuracy. Time management and Exam Skills can be refined by doing a timed test. Again, the ETS 11 Plus Online system provides the child with a 60-minute test every week, which they can do multiple times, to practise on their Exam & Time Management Skills.

Repeating Work

Sometimes one may feel that there is no benefit on doing a test or quiz again, but research and experience has proved that repetitive learning improves retention significantly. Therefore, if a child performs a test and scores say 60%, doing the test again will for sure improve the marks, but the by-product of doing the test again is that your children will have a better grasp of the questions he got right the first time and help him remember them for much, much longer. This is a very good way to ensure the child remembers the different types of questions. The system must register the percent marks scored, so the child can be motivated to improve their marks second time round.

Structure and Format                     

The progression through a course must be controlled and structured. This is an important feature, if a child can move from test to test, question to question without a structure it will be very difficult for the child to learn effectively. The work should be geared, so that it gradually gets harder and the child should complete work in small bite size blocks, this keeps the child focused and gives them satisfaction in learning. It is better to do bite sized daily tests than doing one long test, this takes advantage of the child’s span of concentration and helps retention. Of course, the final test should be a full timed test to ensure that the child has learnt everything taught. The course, should also be of a linear format, meaning that the child must complete one section before they are allowed to go to the next, this ensures that the child learns the basic concepts before moving to the harder questions. ETS 11 Plus Courses have geared bite sized challenges, and then rewards the child on their performance on a final weekly 60-minute timed test.

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