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CEM Style 11+ Mock Exams

Educational Tutoring Services and partners provides CEM Style 11+ Mock Examinations. In an increasingly competitive environment, it is even more important that no stone is left unturned in improving your child’s chance for success. The importance for students to do questions of challenging difficulty, whilst maintaining accuracy and speed cannot be underestimated. Our Mock exams are not only designed to simulate the ‘real’ examinations in every way possible, but also to build on your child’s confidence, which has shown to be an important factor to success.

Why choose Educational Tutoring Services for Mock Exams

  • CEM Format Mock Exams
  • Audio soundtrack test administration
  • Standardisation of scores
  • Build your child’s confidence and time management skills
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Comprehensive performance report produced
  • Extensively researched papers (this is as closest it will get to the real paper!!)

About Educational Tutoring Services

We are a very successful OFSTED registered tutorial centre who has been helping thousands of children secure places into grammar schools since 1992. Our experience and proven processes are uncompromised and robust.

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